The following notes and excepts are from parents whose children have participated in Earthroots Field School classes from 2004 to 2009. If you would like to speak with a parent from our Weekly Homeschool Program, Afternoon Adventures, Summer Camp, or Toddlers in the Garden classes, please let me know.
Jodi Levine
(949) 400-3340

P.S. This link takes you a yelp review of our Toddlers in the Garden class.

I believe the program [Homeschool Field Program] is teaching Tommy to be a caring and responsible individual to all living things and to do his part in keeping our environment clean.
-S. Schimke, June 2009

I really liked the discovering of new places and the fact that Liam had positive outdoor experiences relating to nature and the interaction with other children. I particularly like … Jodi’s positive influence on the entire program. It’s been a pleasure to observe and be a part of.
-K. Penkethman June 2009

Molly LOVED the classes!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-D. Gardner, June 2009

Hi Jodi – I wanted to let you know that Earthroots is making a big difference in our lives. Brian is responding so well to the experiential learning. He loves being outdoors and enjoys all the hands on activities. I have watched him bring home rocks from Earthroots and sort them by color, add, subtract and divide them. It is amazing. Just one day a week at Earthroots has allowed him to “connect the dots” on all his other learning experiences. Keep up the good work.
T. Sheets

Tal benefits so much from his time with you and Mark — I will do whatever I can to keep bringing him!
– P. Finger

Afternoon Adventures at the Levine Family Farm        10/28/2008
Hi Jodi,
Just wanted to say thank you for the Afternoon Adventures class. My son
really enjoyed the different experiences he had over the session and I’m
happy that he had an opportunity to do all the neat things he did.

I also wanted to say that I appreciated the way that you handled behavior issues over
the weeks whenever he was difficult or challenging. Not everyone has the
patience or the skill. Some get overwhelmed by him. But you were able to
keep your calm and maintain control of the situation.
You’re doing a great job and I wish you well.
Take care,
T. Bumbesti

We will miss seeing you too.  Crazy how busy our life is getting with both kids having things they want to do and HAVE to do.
Thanks for all you do Jodi.  You really are quite a talented teacher.
A. Collins

Hi Jodi
Thanks for your time and sharing with the kids. They have enjoyed their time at Earthroots and exploring with you! It would be nice to have the option of returning if the opportunity arises for us. We wish you the very best. Enjoy the holiday season!
T. Gallagher

I loved the tape [Jon Young Coyote Mentoring]. (Thank you for letting me keep it.) Can you recommend any reading along the same lines? I remember that you and Mark both had a couple of books that you brought along w/ you on the parents’ night. Of course, I don’t remember the titles :)
Something w/ a specific homeschooling bent would be perfect. I really like all of the concepts, especially the “invisible classroom,” and the idea of a rich, sensory educational environment. I’m so happy that Earthroots provides that for my girls.

Hi Jodi
…thank you for today’s class … we all had a really good time. … I have been wanting to take the girls on hikes ever since they were born, but it is just kind of hard/intimidating when you are on your own.  I think having other kids around kept both girls going and feeling more easy about things.  Also, I don’t think we could have ever done the “silent walk” parts on our own, so that was a bonus.
We are all looking forward to next week!  Thanks again.
Nancy & crew

Dear Jodi,
I just wanted to thank you again for providing such a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn and appreciate the beauties of nature, an opportunity that not many children have the benefit of experiencing around here…we look so forward to taking part in the hiking classes too! …thanks again
S. Mohammed

South Laguna Village Garden
Hi Jodi;
Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for providing my son such a wonderful experience today.  He could not stop talking about what a delightful place the garden was as well as all the cool things you guys talked about.  While we were there he showed me the worm compost, told me more about the fairies that live at the garden, about the luscious carrots you guys picked…”Mom, they were the best carrots I’ve ever had!!!”.  Thank you for sharing your passion with my son, and for touching his soul in such a kind way.  Needless to say, he can’t wait to come to the next class.  And yes, he wants to come to the candle making class.  So, we’ll see you next week.
Thanks again,
M. Brillhart

Thanks for a great field trip!  The girls said it was the best field trip ever and they can’t wait to do it again.  Noelle even wants to build a beach in our backyard!
God Bless,
C. Matthews

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